1.1.0 Steam update

T’is the season and with it comes a new update to your favourite game, this one’s pretty big and just filled with all sorts of presents. Get it? Because it’s the season? No? Okay then.

We added some new levels for everyone with a new level cap of 30 and with it comes a lot of new assets. You can also expect some new holiday themed assets but get them while they’re still hot because once the season is over you will no longer find these available for building.

New Features:

  • Increased the level cap from 20 to 30. Look out for questions about this in the near future.

  • Style picker tool! Don’t want to look for that wall? Well just point at it with the new tool!

  • Colored lights! (most of them can change colors now, anyway)

  • You can now mirror some assets with [F] (mainly stairs)

  • Added brightness and hex color input to Text edit window.

  • Colorised chat! Local messages shown in blue, Mods and Devs have a tag now

  • Favourite a gallery you are currently in (not the one you were in before)

  • Ability to toggle HUD with [F6] (romantic mode)

  • New loading screen featuring screenshots from the game

  • Ability to reset controls to default

  • Ability to bind actions to mouse wheel

New Content:

  • New plaza! A much cooler space to hang out, and a hit towards our future!

  • New Weather category in inventory featuring Snow and “sunny”

  • Christmas tree

  • Christmas ornaments

  • Cactuses

  • New Mask

  • New collections: Paranormal Pt. 2, Finlandia, Rancho Pt.2, Volta Catalana, Volta Catalana Pt.2, Steam, Luce, Arco, Dadirri, Lights camera action.

These new collections contain the following items

  • Ceilings

  • Furniture

  • Walls

  • Walls with interactive doors

  • A plant

  • New stairs

  • Columns

  • Lights

  • and one extremely cool interactive wall.

  • For a total of 31 new assets in these new collections.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where artworks would be eaten up by walls and can never be recovered

  • Fixed bug when Moving object caused space it occupied previously to be locked from placing other stuff in there

  • Fixed some galleries could become unreachable

  • Fixed Favourites and Recent would sometimes reset after teleportation/relogin

  • Fixed bug when unlocked assets would disappear from inventory

  • Fixed some artists social media links could not be opened

  • Fixed Open gallery button were shown sometimes instead of timer while the gallery was opened

  • Fixed Open gallery timer sometimes showing incorrect values

  • Fixed Gallery closed notification was appearing twice

  • Fixed paintings could be sometimes placed inside the wall

  • Fixed some NPC Visitors had incorrect names

  • Significantly optimized Frames performance

  • Fixed tutorial typos

  • Fixed some shadowing artefacts

  • Fixed bug when changing text could not save sometimes

  • Fixed bubble of paint staying in the gallery for some time after teleportation

  • Fixed gallery comments not saving sometimes

  • Fixed crash on exit to menu

  • Fixed crash when expanding your gallery

  • Changed some fonts to be more readable

  • Added some new bugs to fix later.

London, December 2018

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You girls n guys r awsome, really… Must said! :wink:

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