3.0 Cumbrian explosion update

New Features:

  • Vendors in Plaza Meet your best friends Larry and Peggy! These cool new vendors will bring you lots of new assets daily, all of those missing alpha masks? ‘Moss walls’? They will be found here and lots of stranger new things which we can’t even begin to describe.

  • Portal Assets These amazing portals allow you to set gateways between galleries, carve your own path through the Artiverse.

  • Inspiration Pays Need more cubes? Now you now receive a 20% bonus of the artwork price when another player is inspired to buy a copy from your gallery

  • Enhanced Free Camera… is a cool new mode with deep camera settings. Press F8 to check it out!

  • ’That warning screen’ by OWW artist JB Paschal, thanks dude!

•Infinite ocean is the new default sky. Now Emerald can set sail with their boat gallery!
• Refund on Delete.Finally! Deleting assets now gives back 100% of the cost if deleted within 3 minutes of placing an object and 50% after 3 minutes.
• The tutorial has been improved, thanks DAISY!
• Main Menu Visual Overhaul. The menu now includes all social links and a twitch button which highlights when OWW is streaming.
• Teleportation list has been better organized. DAISY had a little OCD problem.

New Content:
· Lots of new art works, both new and classical - DAISY is bigger and better
· 90 degree stairs
· Chess inspired assets
· Lots of new assets through vendors, it’s a full-on Cambrian Explosion

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed reset password issue
• Fixed “Remember password” working incorrectly (!!)
• Updated Mosaic UI - will be harder to delete your mosaic by mistake
• Assets are now sorted by their level in the inventory tab
• Fixed teleport menu “wrong destination” error when target gallery exists
• Comments Order Inverted. Newest will now appear at the top
• Greatly improved backend stability

StikiPixels and DAISY
London, April 2019