A few thoughts a few hours in

Hey guys,
So, you don’t get to be a new player more than once so I thought I’d list some things that I have come up against.
Generally, I enjoy it. It is a very relaxed and reasonably intuitive experience. I can see this as the start of a bigger thing. The following are simply thoughts :slight_smile:
1: I find the purpose a little vague. You have this mechanic of “money”, where getting more visitors generates some kind of income, but how this happens, and when, and why isn’t really explained. So I log in… I have some “cash” I build… but i don’t know why. I can understand why this is in place, it kind of draws out the experience and gives you something to aim for, but without an understanding of the mechanic, you just build until you can’t…
2: Also, does this mechanic rely on the way you build or not? What incentive is there to build a beautiful gallery, rather than a huge pile of pictures on a single wall to generate money?
3: As part of this mechanic, I find it odd that all the paintings cost the same. I guess that the database is a little small at the moment, hence I see the same ones everywhere… but… what about weighting costing based on popularity? So that a painting gets more expensive the more galleries it is in? This would reward breaking out from the WALL OF KLEE efffect.
4: In addition to this, how about your reward mechanic being based around grouping of pictures, by style, location, time, colours… anything that is quantifiable. This would reward players finding groups of paintings that “go” together, in whatever way they like. It would also reward finding the “perfect” painting to finish a room.
5: The building mechanics obviously need some tightening up, they can be a little fustrating at times. I think the snap to grid rotation needs to be a toggle maybe. Maybe have a play with fallout 4 and other similar games to see what players might expect… and how you can improve it :wink:
6: As for the UI, the basic controls resetting every time you teleport is super fustrating. Why should i have to reset move/delete/undo every time? Just bind them to 1/2/3 by default and allow the player to overwrite if they want.
7: on this, maybe gestures should not be on that menu… could you do a pop up wheel for gestures (see warframe) This could be the same for avatars. The Inventory menu could then just be a build menu, thus splitting the personal and world aspects, which might save some confusion?
8: Tile sets are great, but need some expanding (I’m sure you are on this). Specifically I’ve found the grass sets difficult as they need some “end” pieces to blend them into regular floor tiles. Also, visitors keep clipping into the grass floors.
9: The look and feel is great btw. :slight_smile:
10: For future/future/future stuff. I love modern art but much of this is film or installation based. Obviously installations would take individually modelling… so maybe once you’ve sold a few hundred thousand copies… but maybe film work could go in?
11: I’ve had a few crashes (most sessions end this way) but I can’t find a common reason as yet… I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:
12: Just for optimization, I found a lovely gallery where almost every surface was refelective… my system is no slouch and it was laid pretty low by this :slight_smile: FYI, if us bastard users can do it… we will…

13: on a personal note… if you want us to test the actual systems for now… given it’s an alpha… maybe just shower us with cash so we can see how far we can push these creations before the whole things falls over hugging it’s knees :wink:

Anyways. I’m going to continue trying stuff out. Cheers for the invite and great job so far, I’m super intrigued :slight_smile:

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Thank you Usagi,
Super relevant and interesting feedback, you gave this lots of thought - thank you.

We will be tweaking the UI and performance of crazy lit galleries should improve (we hope) in the next update.

About the grass floors, there is a set of 4 different ‘end pieces’ exactly for the purpose of connecting it to normal floors.

Likewise, we love film and video art and there is already a projector showing one specific film (did you recognise it?) so techincally we can and plan to include video art - not sure exactly when though

Regarding the pricing of artworks, this is a bit of an ideological point for us - our main guiding principal for OWW is now to influence players’ choices with art and therefore influence their self expression.

For example, if we priced a Picasso at 10x the price of a work by an unknown artist, we would have two problems:

  1. Players who can’t afford to spend real money in the game (in the future) will be at a disadvantage - we don’t want to tell a poor student they can’t have an artwork because they are not rich enough - it’ll be like the real world… :wink:

  2. We believe that many ‘Art curious’ people today lack confidence in their own taste in art (thanks to years of ‘Art establishment’ patronising them) - so when faced with a choice between two artworks one of which is twice as expensive (fore example) many people will assume the more expensive one is ‘better’ - and once again we influence people’s choices…

This is our thinking, at least for now, we will listen to our fabulous Alpha players and act (or not) accordingly.

You might find this short video of interest, it explains the conceptual background to OWW; A caveman walks into the Tate… https://youtu.be/H9_xLKryBBQ

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s awesome, please keep it coming!

I too am having a pleasant experience. I also don’t fully understand how/when/why money arrives in my credits. Generally, I don’t think you are given enough to have a proper play as I often just leave the game when my balance is dry as there is nothing left to do.

Will there be an opportunity to upload your own art? I’m not much of an artist myself but I imagine some here are. I run a website featuring the artwork of musician John Squire (www.johnsquiregallery.co.uk) and it’d be a bit of fun to recreate my website in a real 3D gallery environment. I am also a big music/vinyl fan and would love to truly create my own personal space but displaying some records/posters on walls.

I would also like to be able to have more than one gallery so I could have one for each interest.

I’ve certainly gotten more used to the controls and I like the overall experience. I agree with Usagi that the gameplay element feels a little vague at the moment. There are no obvious goals. This would not be an issue if you had full creative process to build whatever you liked but introducing a restrictive money element means there needs to be a bit of a narrative there and some obvious goals/rewards.

Overall, I’m very excited to see how this develops.

Hello PRS,
Thanks for the great feedback - this helps us improve OWW and make it even better.

Regarding how money works, to be honest we are still tweaking it and there are lots of bugs. Galleries generate income based on a combination of expanded space, Architecture and artworks - they bring in visitors that generate income. Hang in there, people do manage to create some huge galleries…

I visted your gallery, it has lots of potential, could probably do with more artworks (and a reception desk, so visitors can leave you comments). It’s actualy pretty special because it has a ‘basement’ level - we disabled this option so new galleries can onlyl expand upwards - you should feel lucky :slight_smile:

A big part of our vision is to allow artists to upload their own artworks, so they are available to all players through the inteligent (asometimes naughty) AI art discovery interface. We hope to release this feature in the Beta version release, probbaly in Q1 2019. The Gallery you built for John Squire looks very interesting although also shows the downside of websites for art…

Currently we don’t support multiple galleries in the same account but nothing prevents you from adding ‘wings’ to your museum…

The way we see the gameplay is that it’s mainly about self expression and the general vibe is ‘chill’, when you run out of money or inpritaion you are welcome to vsit other players galleries and hang out with them - many people would visit your gallery too out of curiousity which will geenrate further income for you to expand your gallery even further…

Thank you for the great feedback and enthusiasm, we do this for the players, people like you.

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