ANNOUNCEMENT: OWW is going offline to prepare for the next build

Hello People,

We have good news and bad news, which would you like to hear first? So bad news first, we will take the production servers off-line today (28/8/18) at 24.00 - London time - so the game will stop working. The good news are that we are doing it because we are approaching the Steam release which is super optimised and will have lots of cool new stuff.

When will the Steam build be here?
Soon. Seriously, we will start testing it properly this week and we hope to launch it shortly afterwards - no definite date though.

What will happen to my current gallery?
It will be wiped tomorrow (28/8/18) at midnight. We are sorry but it has to happen because they will no longer be compatible with the new new OWW. We didn’t do it lightly and tried to find a way of keeping them but that’s impossible

We are sure you will all build even better ones in the new version. Somewhat confusingly your accounts (username/passwords) will remain the same with the Steam build so you’ll be able to recognise your friends.

PS We will always remember you, the brave souls who played the ‘Alpha Alpha version’ and we will give you some nice perks later… See you on the other side! !

StikiPixels, London, August 2018