Changelog OWW Early Access v3.1.4

Hello, fellow Artivists, @everyone
We’re happy to announce a mini-update to Cambrian Explosion! Boom!
Thanks for all the feedback, terrific ideas and patience, we :heart: you!

New Features:

Mosaic UI and colors

  • Mosaics now support around 245 colors
    -We’re sad to say some older mosaics were affected by this
    change - we apologize for all ‘creative destruction’ caused - we
    tested them, but player creativity knows no bounds.

Enhanced free camera
The new camera from ‘Cambrian’ was further upgraded, is easier to use and now includes:

  • Smooth camera mode, perfect for shooting videos
  • Gradual acceleration and deceleration
    - When moving the mouse or pressing a button you accelerate
    instead of speed
  • Slider bars for fine tuning
  • A button to open the save location of screenshots
  • A few controls:
    WASD - Movement
    CTRL - Fly down
    SPACE - Fly up
    T - Toggle the active mouse on/off

Stay hungry, stay awesome!

London, May 2019