Common bugs & fixes:

When I discover new art and one or two pieces don’t load (cant click next button), the game will crash to desktop every time shortly after, even if you leave the discover page.

If you delete a floor or wall with items on it (lights etc) you only get refunded for the wall not all the items attached.

The sound on the projectors goes through the entire gallery would be nice to turn the sound off of the projectors, as it covers the better music in the gallery.

The elevator (lift) does not work.

Add a tab target item ability? When you have lights or art on a wall and you want to move a small item it is so hard to target, you need to make a way to target by clicking tab or something.

The exponential growth of making a gallery bigger is off compared to the time to make said money, I have played for 3 days and now I can only afford 2 4x4 block of space when I log on, if anything is exponential why not the art?

I always wanted to create a game similar to this, I envisioned it as a 3D web space, so I’m super excited to help this “game” be successful.

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Yes please. It’s extremely difficult to target any item once they have merged into a wall.