Discord wants my phone number?

You say try our discord server.
Why on earth would discord try to verify a new account with a phone call when I never gave them a phone number? If you sponsor a site/app(?) that won’t work on a private server you will weed out a lot of us.
I am very disappointed I cannot get information on this server update. Maybe you can post something in the forums for those of us who will not open our lives to anything that asks online.
Love OWW! Lots of souls with answers and heaps of fun. Thank you for this wonderful place.

OWW Discord doesnt require a phone number, Discord itself uses phone numbers as part of 2fa. I think if you contact Discord they might waive it for you.
Anyway, once patch notes are officially released they can be found in the following places;
Email newsletter

Also i signed up to a new discord account, only asked me for my email, username and password, never a phone number.
I joined OWW server without issue, other servers might have phone number verification set but OWW server does not. http://www.discord.gg/oww

Thanks, I just don’t get it, but thanks a lot for the alternate options.
Btw samkelly, I fell in love with you through you art. So you are a wonderful eye to the world and very helpful!
Thank you for the speedy response.

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