Feedback and my rant

hello. I rly like this “game” so far. Just my short feedback on possible improvements and other rants.

I didnt find option to rename gallery or at least give it some description. And other social functions like gallery owner favorites / blog etc. Also incentives like rewards for visiting galleries of others or commenting would be nice.

It would be nice to be able to lock walls in place so when moving furniture and art i dont accidentally manipulate with walls.

Additional quickbars would be nice (shift, alt, ctrl + numbers).

Using sofas to sit would be nice.

Zooming in on piece in the gallery itself / first person view. I like my gallery, i like its tone and lights and mood it sets for the art. Why can i only zoom to art in a way that takes that mood away.

Two of my paintings that i bought are so large i cant even fit them into my gallery, some are so small that you dont even see them well when in third person - resize would be nice.

Maybe auto gallery view would be nice… like just turn on autopilot and let AI roam the gallery and look at art (with my previous suggestion)…

More customization on sky and overall lightning would be nice.

Uploading your own art cant be here soon enough. But i get that game needs some social, rating and reporting systems first

I like japanese/chinese ink paintings and there are just not enough of them here :slight_smile: But thats just my unreasonable rant.

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Thank you very much @KoNO these are some very good ideas.

Art uploads are coming (SOON™).

We don’t allow resizing of artworks because they are real and authentic objects we represent in the game. If they were some generic dinosaur models (for example) we won’t have an issue allowing this - but the Artworks are ‘real’.

We constantly add more Art and will have a lot more in the future DAISY loves art… :slight_smile:

Hello, we have many of these features in-game currently and art uploads are here (almost - see Kickstarter), we also have hundreds more Asian artworks too!

Feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement including art uploads.