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Hi, I’m here to give my honest opinion on the game and how it could be improved (in my opinion)

First of all I enjoy the concept of the game, it’s something different and refreshing it’s like Social game meets Sims. I’ve really enjoyed building my gallery however looking at the bigger picture it’s going to be difficult to keep players wanting to play.

As the galleries get bigger they take a lot longer to load and I’m now personally at the stage where it takes around 5 minutes to go through the loading screen and then another 5 minutes just to stop lagging in game (In all fairness I have 100’s of art side by side pretty much touching) However I do have a really good computer so I can’t imagine someone with a worse off computer attempting to load my gallery (thus people will stop visiting random galleries due to their game crashing)

Many players will get straight into building the actual gallery where as I went ahead and just used all my credits on walls and art in an effort to gain credits much faster.

Okay so based on the current game people will likely build a gallery, maybe stick around for 3-4 days to expand and build it up and then realize there isn’t much more to do. (Of course you will get huge art lovers that stick around a lot longer)

If you guys want players to stick around and have a reason to login I would highly recommend looking into including additional stuff.
For example Habbo hotel is (sort of) similar to this however that game gives people a lot of stuff to do in regards to making a room such as including games.

In my honest opinion (and this is taking the game in a new direction) Would be to start off by adding a simple games table such as poker, connect 4, chess etc. That alone will keep people entertained for longer and give them more reason to want to visit other players.

If you want long time players then you have to go down the route of casino building so kind of gallery meets casinos. Where players can build up a casino type gallery and players can bet possibly their currency in games like slots, poker, blackjack roulette etc. With this idea players will be constantly wanting to have their own popular casino and so betting in other casinos in attempt to win the credits to make it possible will keep them hungry and addicted.

Once a player goes bankrupt their casino will automatically close until they make a minimum amount to make it sufficient to re-open again (As the credits people win would come directly out of the casino owners hand)

That’s my review / feedback / suggestion. Thanks

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Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Because without feedback we couldn’t improve.

I just want to take a second do address some of these, in the next patch, the one that brings us to steam we’re expecting a lot better performance for larger galleries as we’ve been working hard on optimisation. So that’s something to look forward to :smiley:

As far at the rest goes we’re always looking for new ways to expand what a player can do in the game so the feedback is appreciated ^^

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Hello, we have added lots more stuff since then. Feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement.