First update 1.10r live! Changelog

OWW - first Alpha update release 1.10r release notes

First update of the Alpha, we listened to you, our handsome players, and have a bunch of goodies for you, especially focused on the more ambitious galleries (Hola, Marshmallow!) but everyone should be able to go deeper into the rabbit hole…

Tech stuff

  • Optimized galleries loading. Amount of data sent over network reduced significantly.
  • Chosen avatar and mask are saved now! When logging in or teleporting you’ll keep your favourite avatar look.
  • Fixed behavior of move tool. Before, it could produce weird results and break your gallery.
  • Fixed case when galleries became unreachable and you would see infinite teleporting animation trying to load them.
  • Elevator now has attached side doors and will take the player through colliding objects.
  • Added sounds to chat, now you’ll notice someone is chatting with you!

Teleportation UI reworked:

  • It will not show your gallery or the current gallery as a possibility to teleport.
  • Home button disabled when you are in your own gallery.
  • Random teleportation button disabled if there aren’t any galleries online.


  • Reworked overall movement. Should result is less crowding.
  • Reworked the shy art lover AI, he will move around more and search for better hiding spots.
  • AI now have a timed expiration, they will teleport out of the gallery after a random time range.


  • Fixes
  • More Fixes
  • Fixes of the fixes and so on
  • Fixed Asset Icons - we broke icons too…
  • New - Aviator Cap + leather variations
  • New - Blindfold Mask + Fabric Variations
  • Mask007 came back from the dead
  • New Historical masterpiece Venus of Willedorf (a fat little thingy)
  • New mask Atomic bondage Crown …
  • New Hat Swimming cap for people with issues
  • New Butterflies - Experimental and small at the moment
  • New-old Urinal - Porcelain and Mauricio Gold
  • Fix - Light optimisations
  • New - Smaller baroque floors - press E for floors with multiple textures
  • New - Walls with multiple wallpapers - try pressing E when aiming at a wall… that’s just the beginning.

The Pixels

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