Gallery has been reset!

My gallery has been reset about 5 days of work lost… on top of that it still costs me a fortune to expand!!! Why?

Oh no!
Sorry to hear this,
We’ve had a technical issue and a small number of galleries were rolled back, we apologise, Alpha and all… :slight_smile:

Please reach out to the admins on Discord and we will sort you out…

Darn, it was such a good gallery as well… I dont have Discord, but I cant really continue with that gallery anyway the expand vs. daily income is all out of whack… it takes 48 hours to expand about 3 blocks. I started a second account and found the same weird wall where my interest vs. time to wait to play again is messed up.

Thanks mate that’s very interesting,
please do hit us on Discord (web-based, don’t need to install anything :wink:

Also a tip, human player who visit your gallery generate income AND bring NPCs so socialising and inviting people to visit your gallery pays…

Be patient, it starts slowly but as you can see people manage to build gigantic galleries… :wink:

My gallery was reset (thanks), but the expand thing is a huge problem, and I have seen many huge galleries, but either mine is broken or something got changed. 48 or so hours of online and offline play I was only able to purchase about 5 4x4 expand blocks. At this rate to make a room the size of the first space with 50 or so paintings will take about 6 weeks.

Hello, we have changed the levling and income a lot since this post, feel free to test it out again :slight_smile:

Feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement.