I can't edit or add new items in my gallery

When I visit my own gallery, I press ‘I’ to try to edit my world. However, when the window comes up with the ‘Tools’ section highlighted, I can’t click on anything at all in the inventory window.

I can’t select a different section, or drag new items to the toolbar below.

I can add/remove items I’ve already got in my toolbar but nothing else.

So far I’ve quit/restarted the game, restarted my laptop, teleported around a bit, turned chat on/off, but now I’m stuck. I love this game and want to play it – help!

Oh no!
Sorry to hear this.

Please uninstall (through the windows add/remove programs control panel) and then reinstall the game - that should fix it, if you have other issues, please let us know.

Thank you for the enthusiasm!


just FYI this worked. Thanks for the help!

Hello, have you player OWW recently? Lots new features added since Alpha :slight_smile:

Feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement.