Idea: building menu improvement - collections tree / search bar

hi! first of all i freaking love your game <3

but there is something ive struggled with since i started playing like 2 years ago - there is A LOT of building assets and the menu unfortunately doesnt help to make it more approachable.

my idea was, a lot of assets are grouped under a collection name, assets that use the same textures (e.g. in Casa Xamitl there’s the Tropicalia, Hacienda and Rancho collections). i think it would be muuuch easier to find what you are looking for and not feel overwhelmed if when looking up building assets you would first choose the style you want (Neubauten, Villa Ronda etc), and then you would be presented with all the collections side by side, so you could browse them individually, kinda like a folders of files.

it would be even more amazing if the assets that are basically the same floor but in different sizes, or the same wall but one has a window, one has a door and one is a clean wall - if they could all be variations of the same asset. this way you wouldnt have to look all over the menu when you need a smaller piece of the floor that you are using :sweat_smile:. you could just highlight the one in your inventory and switch the size/variation with the press of a button or something like that. though i know this would probably be much harder to implement.
a simpler alternative could be the option to look up the name of the item in your inventory + being able to search it in the build menu - then we could see the name of the floor piece, put it in the search bar and quickly find all the sizes it comes in.
OR, an alternative to the alternative - there could be a field in the build menu where you can drag the items from your inventory, and it would show you all relevant items (again, all sizes/variations of the item) or at least send you to the collection this item comes from.

its a bit of a hefty idea i know :smile: but i think it would reaaaally help ease the building process, cause right now it can sometimes take up to a couple minutes to just find the 2x4 variation of the 4x4 floor tile ive been using in my build :sweat_smile:

hello, thanks for your feedback.

There is already a search box in the inventory )its that pink box in the upper left, you can search on many options such as type of asset, wall, floor, window etc, color of assets, blue red etc, collection name, even asset sizes, 2x4,4x4,4x8 etc

You can also click on a collection name from an asset on the right to bring up all from that collection.
assets should mostly be grouped together by type and size in collections, so a 4x4 will be next tot he 2x4 if it exists.

Theoretically you can do most your suggesting’s by searching.
Check out the help menu in game for more details on the game features.

example use case

say you have the 4x4 floor for zero but want the 2x4, in this case it is next to it, but we will pretend its not for the purpose of this search example.

choose the 4x4 floor
click on zero in blue text.

notice the filter has no applied this to all zero collection

from here you can select floor on the left
then you see all floors and both 2x4s.

i didn’t know that, thanks so much!
it does solve a lot of issues, but one still stands - the ability to search for a collection is great, but i dont think theres a way to check the name of an item in your hotbar, or the name of its category? so that i know what i actually want to look up :smiley:.
but i guess searching by colour is the next best thing! again, thanks for the response! <3

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No problem, you can also search with RGB for all RBG assets, and interactive for all interactable assets including doors :slight_smile: