Just arrived via fb ad, lots of questions

Hey, I came here following the sponsored facebook ad and youtube channel. This looks really exciting. I have yet to find a faq about what you can do before loading the game - can you direct me to one?

I would like to upload my own art as .svgs and jpegs, and 3d models in a blender format, is that a feature? Can you curate the music too? I have a real-life use for this in a local community artist/maker’s group in our little town.

Is the game playable through a VR format? Can I go to a friend’s house and walk through the gallery with them? Is there a really easy interface that works with everything from mobile phone vr to oculous rift that your average idiot could set up?

Can I record walkthroughs of my gallery and project them onto 4 walls of a room so I can have pop up viewings in galleries without the hassle of dragging all the art around?

This could be a useful tool which I would happily pay a monthly subscription for.

Hit me up with information! (please)


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Hi! Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm.

Lots of great questions, we will do an FAQ soon.
Addressing some of your points

Yes! The idea is that artists will be able to upload their own art which will then be available to players to display and comment on in their galleries. The even more radical idea is that DAISY our art discovering AI will then ‘learn’ your artwork and over time pitch it to players who might like it, comment and show it in their gallery to their visitors etc…

We are unlikely to support 3D object at least in the immediate term and for now focus on paintings, photographs, and video art.

We don’t support VR just yet but it’s in the plan, probably for the Gamma version.
No plans for mobile apps (yet) but in theory, you can walk with a friend (or several!) through galleries together.

You can record videos in the game, we have a special cinematic camera (press F8), especially for this goal.

Have fun and please share your thoughts on the Alpha!

hello, it’s been a while but I thought I would provide an update.
We have launched a Kickstarter which allows codes to be purchased to upload 2D art into the game, we also launched a webpage to show stats of artists in-game, kultura.
Vr/ mobile is planned and is part of our vision, as shown on Kickstarter.