Long load times for starting and visiting galleries

I’m not sure why but ever since patch 1.666 it takes forever to load into my gallery and also whenever I visit others. It’s pretty bad too about 10-20 minutes just to first load into the game. Lately also my floor is not loading nor are some of my walls, so I spend another 20 minutes waiting for the floor to be solid so I don’t fall through them. It seems some of my art is also floating aimlessly out in space with a butterfly. I notice there’s always a random painting hanging out in the nothingness with a butterfly attached too it.

I think Alot has to do with The lighting, I noticed Lighting seems to draw alot on performance issues. and perhaps to many pictures to close together cause performance issues

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Oh man I hope not cause I’m purposely building with tons of lighting!!

I did the same thing and my gallery was very bad performance wise. I’ve recently removed all lighting fixtures and only have some lighted ceiling panels throughout my building instead. The performance is much greater. Until there’s some optimization work (and maybe until Beta builds happen) you might just have to forgo lots of lighting.

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Neva! lol.
I just log in and go feed my dogs or wash dishes then come back.

This is a draw back, when you like to use lights as part of your design of things. It limits creativity.

Sounds like connection issues, along with hardware limitations?
Can you set your shadows to low, this will help with load times.
What is your internet speed? speedtest.com
What are your pc specs? search and run dxdiag.exe in windows.