Maca's two ideas

What I love about this game is idea first of all. Moving around and watching art here is very natural. My favourite thing are frames. When I put art into frame I feel like I am rediscovering it giving new meaning. I have plenty ideas, but I don’t want to give headache for developers so I want to talk about two things for a bigining.
First is that I would like to get closer to art, the pictures when I watch them are bit too far. I want to examine painting closely :slight_smile:
Second. This game has a potential of creating serious exhibitions, so I would want the descriptive part, a tool when I can write small tekst about art I am exhibiting and put on wall. This would create more serious bond between art and player and potential viewer. As I told before my dream is to make exhibiton of my own art on OWW. As I do it I would love to write about my art so viewer would not only watch but also get to know background.
This is all for a begining thank you for reading m.

Hey man, how are you doing?
Awesome ideas we will take note of them!
Have you pressed E while looking at an art? We have a system where you kind of get closer to it and then you can zoom even more! In this screen you will also see some technical info about it, like the artist, date, a description, etc.

Hey hey! I am doing great! Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: Indeed there is a way of writing comments this is also cool I wrote some and it appeared. What I had in mind however is something similar to the simple description you can find on galleries and museums walls. So guest is walking through my gallery, reading watching and anjoing. I enjoy OWW very much thank you for that! m.

Ahhh, I see!
Indeed that could be something awesome to have!
And it is so awesome that you are enjoying OWW!

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Hi :slight_smile: So I pressed V key and got really close to paintings, my first idea was already solved within the game :slight_smile: cheers!

Hey, text was added some time ago by the way and lots more features :slight_smile: