My arrangement concept for paintings on walls

Hi team!

Here is my idea for a little advanced tool for placing paintings on walls. The concept is for single walls but also a solution if you wanna work with more than one wall.

First of all you select walls you wanna group. For sure the walls must be in a row without spaces.

After selecting the walls (3 in this example), you could check to link them

Group the walls, to have one wall for later calculations

At this point it’s two ways to go on, because: We don’t want the Banner and the two columns in the calculation!

Solution a) You could move the green markers
Solution b) Shows, how cool your codingteam is, because you could check a box that exclude the blocked space of elements. Would mean, oww automatically detects the banner and the first column - the second column doesn’t matter.

In my example it’s more than one painting. For single walls with one pic, a “center” would be enough. here in my example it would be a “relative vertical alignment”. It checks each painting and center against height of wall and then do same spaces between the paintings

Later you could do a margin feature based on the calculated space, arrange to left or right like in text programs or arrange in a circle…

I came up with the idea, cos I’m long time user of Adobes Imagestyler (still today to do the screenshots lol) and it was a really cool program. You selected a big rectangle with smaller ones in, clicked align vertically and boom - done.

Maybe you like my idea.

For placing items on floors you could use the same concept, but the most important feature for items on floors will be a fixed 5 and 45 degree rotation.

Hava nice weekend readers and oww team!

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