[Official Thread] What would be the 3 things you'd like to see the most in OWW and why?

Feedback is important, and I was wondering, if you could pick any three things to be put into OWW what would they be? (features, assets, whatever)

I’d like to see a water fountain aswell as water features simply because that is also art and can set the scene such as using ship art around it.

More statues / objects including vases inside glass cases to give it abit of a museum feel aswell.

and the ability to log back into my gallery since I can’t haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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1: first person view for a different museum experience (vr?)
2: leave money for others in their museum
3: remove deleting parts and just keep it in your inventory, so you don’t get money back but you can still place the part later

  1. Advanced tool for placing paintings to a wall and items on floor. Grid, center painting, adjustable steps to up down left right

  2. Adjustment for the intensity of lights

  3. Buttons for sorting art in inventory (artist, size, placed/unplaced paintings, colourfilter for sure would be nice but that’s crying on high niveau)

For the other ideas:

People give people money would be lil dangerous, cos people could do multiple accounts and push one gallery. This people hit cap (doesn’t matter where cap is) in minutes then…

Statues & Vases: It’s a game about paintings not a complete museum.

Items storage: Sure would be nice to have an inventory for items u don’t use atm. I’m forced to put X lights on a wall to keep them etc.

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why it’s a game about painting and cannot be a complete museum? i am not saying that we should have fossiles or acient architectures but some human made small scale artifacts should go well.

i’ll also like to have photos as art to use ingame.

Thank you people great ideas, some have made it to the game already… We are always happy to hear ideas, feel free…


Here are some of my suggestions for while I’ve been playing!

  • The ability to recolor some of the building assets. Or if not, releasing more colors of some building assets. I’d love to have an old fashioned wood railing for one of my builds but right now all of the railings in that style are all white and would stick out like a sore thumb.

  • The ability to remove art from your inventory. I accidentally bought a piece of art of a spider because I clicked real fast to get away from it (I am highly arachnaphobic! ) and hit the buy button instead of closing out. So now I have a spider in my inventory for all time.

  • More trees and plants and just overall more greenery!

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I definitely agree with #3. I would really like to save parts for later without selling them or moving them right away.
#2 is a nice idea.

Lots more plants, grass and tress were added this past month, they are vendor items.
The first two are cool ideas and are considered.

Decorating rooms and creating worlds, is an art form in it self. Allow us more control of our surroundings.

More props

Let us have more then one gallery, that I can connect portals to. This would help us create unbelievable content.

More effects:

                 * Weather Effects: Gentle Rain, Down Pour, Flashes of Lightening w/ rain, Morning Mist, Fog    

                * More Background choices

                * Allow us to pick the lighting effect with our background of choice.  Suggestions: Twilight, early morning sunlight (allow us to pick the tone of light Example: a bright early morning sunlight through the thick forest trees, verses a warm early morning amber light), It's a beautiful 9 am morning light, lights peaking through the clouds, 2pm afternoon sunlight (Crunch time after lunch time), 4pm light,  sunset lighting, late night moon lighting.  Then we have space lighting. Mass Effect lighting. Tones of purples, reds and black lighting, 

                * Ambiance Background Sounds: Birds chirping, rain drops on puddles, the distant sound of gentle thunder w/ rain, gusty wind, frogs, sounds around the pond, jungle sounds, forest sounds, whales, the sound of wheels slushing through dark wet streets, busy street sounds, country life or city life sounds. The creaking sound of medal opening at a morgue or a distant midnight train going anywhere. Dripping faucets. 

                * Music Loop variety: World Music, Jazz, Classical, Guitar Jazz, Piano Jazz and more Jazz.  The sound of late night nior. The kind of music I want to sit back and have a glass of wine with ( I don't even drink wine) or put on a pot of black coffee for some late night dreaming and sceaming. Not a whole lot of sleeping.  The sound of an organ playing at a funeral parlor. The sounds of silent hill.
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Great ideas.

Currently there are 15 skies, they can be found at the vendors.
Multiple galleries per account is a planned feature.
In the mean time people create a new account with the same email address and link with portals.
You can use the same email address by following this format.
instead of email@email.com you would put email+galleryname@email.com, the + and stuff after are important.
This will let you use your current email and all accounts will share the same password if you ever reset one.

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Personally I’d love to see a “treacherous hole” innocuous floor object that when you fall into it, transports you to a random gallery.

  1. Daisy should be sectioned off for choice ( sizes, colour/b&w, etc). This way you can speed up your selection.
  2. FAQ => how do you leave money on reception desks? Is it different to buying a painting there. No real explaining for new members.
  3. Basic layout for starters; expand as you get cash . OR at least have an an option. Hove seen new members join, build multi-level galleys, yet sparse displays??
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Thanks for the feedback

  1. Maybe one day, daisy is always evolving.

  2. There is a

  • Steam guide with lots of faqs,
  • Active Discord channel
  • In-game chat
    There are many channels where questions can be asked.

You do not leave money at a desk, this is not a current feature, hence why there is no FAQ for this particular feature.

How players choose to build and display art is up to them, everyone is different and as this is a game about allowing players to freely build as they wish, forcing players to build in certain ways would go against the freedom they have.

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I need point and clic system to place things with mouse… it’s a little frustrating the actual system…

I need more pre-raphaelite artists… and a search by artist or titles of paintings. I think it would help the AI to undertand what we like faster.

And it would be great if we could change color of walls without changing the wall… applying dyes of the desired color, for example…

oh! and more things for gardens!!! I want a garden in my gallery, I have only a sad solitary tree… flowers, fountains, fish pods… some life!!!


These are all planned, you can check out some of our plans in Kickstarter
You can find artists on our Website Kultura , you can request artists [here] new artists are added each day.

Hey there, do you guys think there will be an “upload your art” feature in the game? Id really love to simply add my artwork to the game!

Yes! please see out kickstarter for some more information :slight_smile: