OWW Broken with WIN7!? UE new hot fixes it!

Messaggio originale di [kelly](dev from steamcommunity :

Unreal Engine updated and broke access for Win 7 users, this is something we cannot fix and is beyond our control.
We suggest to

  • complain to unreal engine
  • try geforcenow for free
  • upgrade to win 10 for free

Actually newest build of Unreal Engine fixed it!
Please update asap to not loose win7 old users (me being WIN10!).

here is the “fix” UE build
[HOTFIX] 4.25.2 Hotfix released

I have many friends (and one is my wife that uses Geforce NOW, impossibile to login during the day) stuck with WIN7 64bit that can’t play!
Tell us when you have updated your Unreal Engine please to latest hotfix (above)!
We love you so much!

Hello, this may be resolved, please confirm, thanks :slight_smile: