OWW v4: Socialist Utopia (New DAISY, Optimisations, Social features+more)

On Steam now

New Features/Content:

*New social profile window (Press J) - Write a bio, track your activity log, see your favourites in one place. More to come.
*Integrated Nvidia Ansel (ALT+F2 in-game once activated with your NVIDIA GPU) - even prettier screenshots than before!
*Added money counter digits grouping - spend less time counting your cubes
*Five new reception desks.
*Hacienda and Mexican sets available at Larry and Peggy.


  • DAISY 2.0 - now operating on optimised Plutonium-Caffeine (PLU-CAF) mix - reads your art mind 4 times faster - give it a try!
  • Loading optimization. Galleries should load noticeably faster and use fewer resources.


*Fixed memory leaks when browsing DAISY.
*Fixed bug where some users with a large number of artworks experienced a crash on startup.
*Fixed long freeze after gallery load.
*Fixed avatar icons not automatically updating.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

London, August 2019