OWW v5.0.2 Deep State Update

Art exhibition at the Stasi interrogation rooms?? Why of course!

For this update ‘The Stikipixels’ went deep underground, under DAISY’s skin, beneath miles of fiber optics, quantum mechanics and fast food wrappings. No stone is left unturned, you won’t believe the junk we found but we cleared it all out - you’re not an indie game dev until you haul dead rats from behind a server!

The result? Lots of new art found, lots of bugs too but hail DAISY, they were fixed.
The artiverse now runs faster, cleaner and brighter than ever (seriously, check out the skyboxes!).

Ready or not,

Welcome to OWW, 5.0.2 Deep State awaits you!

New Features/Content:

  • Brand new chat, a flexible system ready to become your new home, including emojis and the ability to link artworks and galleries! We also added a few more channels … we might add another ten as we go along …
  • New deep state asset sets for those who love interrogation rooms, endless filing cabinets, surveillance and recording studios.
  • Vases for all … possibly.
  • Did you ever want really dirty bricks? Well, we present you with an extremely weathered set of bricks. In general, we are adding dirt whenever and wherever we can.
  • Upgraded bamboo sofas … with silly attention to detail.
  • Concept art extravaganza, our concept art team has been hard at work creating tons of asset and accessory concepts.
  • Added floor grid to space skyboxes
  • New plaza and tutorial area

  • Optimizations, performance and stability improvements
  • Deep State art optimisations no1. We are trying to give you a few extra FPS, maybe 2 or 3.
  • Skyboxes and lighting on steroids
  • Better instructions and clearer error messages on registration


  • The ability to interact with objects through obstacles such as walls
  • Various bugs with Cube Piles on desks
  • Collisions for assets that couldn’t be placed (ADbench001_t-f, IDLight006B_t-c, IndLights002_t-c_Blueprint)
  • Typo in the activity feed
  • The ability to build in Free camera mode
  • The ability to build while some UI windows are open
  • Free camera mode initial position and default look
  • Audio settings saving
  • Interactive objects outlines that would sometimes break
  • Typos in settings
  • Textures that we destroyed previously …
  • Multiple asset details

Stay awesome,

London, October 2019