OWW v5.2.2 Deeper State Update

New Features/Content:

  • Artwork wishlist - Discovered an artwork but don’t have the cubes? You can now wishlist it for later!
  • Daisy now has a back button - No more yelling $%&# at Daisy because you passed that one artwork you were looking for
  • 4 new stained glass wall assets + updated the previous ceiling to match
  • 2 new curved concreted floor assets
  • 2 new assets in Deep State collection: Metal table and chair
  • OWW is now localised for Chinese and Japanese


  • Optimized loading - You can now load a gallery ‘way faster’ than before
  • You should now crash less often (if at all)
  • Updated Music to be streamer friendly
  • Updated grass floors
  • Updated curved concrete floors - Now with grass


  • Portals disappearing and placement bugs
  • Money being deducted every time the player equips the mask
  • Registration name filter
  • Typo in the tutorial
  • Objects snapping
  • “Artist” button disappearing when zooming in or out of a painting
  • The tutorial where on rare occasions it would become impassable on the buying artwork step
  • Being able to teleport during the tutorial
  • Ability to set up a portal with an unreachable destination
  • Ability to change skies without building permissions

You got this,

London, November 2019