OWW v7.0: Mind Over Matter

New Features/Content:

Curation Enigmas! - Conjure, or solve, art-based enigmas hidden in galleries! (Unlocks at level 10) 3D asset preview - Takes the work out of guesswork! New blue sunny day sky - Available for all UI hints added - Need help understanding how that Enigma works? Hover over the ‘?’ 8 new winter grass floors - Available in the vendors soon 6 new white baroque columns - To close that perfect corner


Daisy update - Now in Gen 3, improved performance, faster mind reading Asset inventory names - Find assets based on color, type and more using the search bar Increased starting cubes from 10k to 20k Optimized

Arctic sky - Should get more FPS Gallery loading Building performance - lag when placing large items should be gone

Updated the following assets

Bowling pin furniture Laminate wood set Wicker wooden balustrades + stairs Classical and art deco wallpaper walls Old cabinet Baroque walls Soundtrack DLC white mask

A warning will now appear if a locked feature is used before completing the tutorial

Striped shadows from lights - shadows, in general, should be improved Freezing on accounts that own many artworks Resolution not being selected at the start of the game “Recent” filter in inventory reset after teleportation Various cases where a player could get stuck in the tutorial Typo in dates in chat messages DAISY should now load properly while in the tutorial Artist button in DAISY should now react properly Assets can be added to the bar via right-click - once again.

KULTURA: https://kultura.oww.io/web/#/

Improved search bar with a dedicated search page Now shows the most recent comments first Added pagination for artists with lots of artworks Added preloading animation for artworks The artwork upload date now displays correctly

Stay tuned for even more exciting news, SOON™ StikiPixels London, March 2020```

What we added during the last mini patch

  • A new Enigma ball was placed in the Plaza, this Enigma will display the 50 most recent Enigmas created, top 30 liked (hearted) and solved
  • Chat tags - skip the profile in chat and use >home, >here, > gallery to tag instantly and teleport. Chat tags will show green
  • Bug fixes

We are aware of some crash bugs and we are working on fixing these. Thank you for your patience!