Patch Notes: v1.555

Today we released version 1.555 of the Occupy White Walls alpha. What does that mean for you, the player? Well the game got a lot better. We fixed a bunch of bugs! So no more infinite loading! (Who has the time, right?) and introduced a bunch of new things to the game.

So what’s new? Glad you asked!

New Features:

  • Notification system. Get notified about different events: someone visits your gallery, leaves you a comment and many others.
  • New updated skies system. Much better quality and new cool skies: experience Aurora Borealis or Desert around you.
  • Ability to change size of the text assets.
  • Ability to place props and lights on any surface.
  • Ability to stuck up props on top of each other.
  • Awesome new music tracks.
  • Teleportation list now being sorted by how cool gallery look.
  • New users now have different options of a starting gallery setup.
  • Improved server load-balancing system. This will improve general stability and performance of galleries.
  • Chat now shows all online players in game.
  • Right-clicking on a message in chat opens a context menu where you can follow or PM a user.
  • Chat history now stores more messages.
  • Private messages counter is now shown near the player name.

New Content:

  • Awesome new Chameleon hat.
  • Wide range of new Text assets: Neon, Volumetric, Posters and Banners.
  • Simple white balustrades set.
  • Updated statues models.
  • A lot of new lights assets.
  • New curtains assets.

Launcher updates:

  • Works much better and has less mood swings.
  • Launcher now gives you a warning if you start it on 32bit system.
  • Launcher now shows a warning if you don’t have enough space to install the game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Galleries stuck and become unreachable sometimes. Trying to visit them will lead to infinite teleportation loop.
  • Objects disappearing or falling through the ground.
  • Fixed mask/hat being visible in first person view.
  • Fixed size of some paintings were twisted or weird.
  • Update flying particle system to be more stable, performance light and friendly to user.
  • Fixed bug when multiple skies would overlap each other leading to visual bugs (circles in the skies).
  • Removed ability to snap assets on top of balustrades (they were flying in thin air before).
  • NPCs slowing down gallery performance.
  • Discovery Interface was not showing up paintings for new players.
  • Fixed ability to leave an empty comment.
  • Fixed a case when controls could get stuck after opening painting UI.
  • Fixed bug when sometimes you couldn’t comment on painting.
  • Fixed private chat messages not appearing.
  • Fixed case when owned paintings would be shown in Discovery Interface.

Content Fixes:

  • Improved how cave assets connect to each other.
  • Fixed collisions were missing for some Ceilings and Columns.
  • Fixed red walls material.
  • Fixed escalator collision.
  • Fixed size of small green grass lights.
  • Fixed position of hat for some avatars.

Thank you dear players! You help us (and mankind!) on this awesome journey down the rabbit hole.

London, April 2018