Patch Notes: v1.666

Hey there fellow art lovers!,

Are you tired of the 1.555 patch?
That was like 2 weeks ago and we’re so over it, that’s old news. You know what’s great? New stuff! 1.666 is here! So what new stuff did we add?


New Features:
New Artist screen. You can see all artworks by an artist (and buy them) with no need to refresh the DI. Updated Discovery Interface screen
Now you can buy a painting directly from another players’ gallery
Updated Artwork screen
Loading screen now shows (useful) hints
List of online players shown in chat
Keyboard mapping! (You AZERTY people… There might still be some bugs with this one!

New Content:
New: big set of concrete walls and doorways
Good news: Bars! Two sets and they are modular and can be built in different shapes. Bad new: no drinks (yet)
Amazing interactive turntable asset
Awesome trees
Modular grass floors
New neon text asset
New Cabinet asset
New Paranormal chair asset
A corner piece for the baroque balustrade set
Some funky new furniture

Bug Fixes:
Fixed very common crash happening when you build/move/delete objects.
Fixed wrong artwork sizes. Some pictures would appear stretched before.
Fixed tutorial videos being stretched sometimes.
Fixed bug when inventory becomes unresponsive

Content Fixes:
Fixed cloud assets flickering
Fixed collision of portal assets
Fixed collision of Art Deco doorway and Ceiling
Circular tech ceiling light improvement
Duchamp’s fountain and some lamps can be placed on any surfaces now

Thank you dear players! Your enthusiasm propels us (and mankind!) on this awesome journey down the rabbit hole…


London, May 2018


unable to run game after update.

Oh No!
Sorry to hear this, please try to uninstall the launcher and download it again from the website?
You may have an older launcher, although it should still work…

Good luck,
Please keep us updated

Yep I will keep you Updated.

I uninstalled the game. And Installed again.
However. It wont let me update the game now. It wont start update at all.

Walsh27, sorry you were not able to start playing. We will try to figure out what is the problem.

Please give us more details:

  • do you see the “Update” button, or it’s missing?
  • can you click this button? Do you see any error message when you click it?
  • what launcher skin do you see - watermelon or woman’s back?
  • what are your PC specs: graphics card, RAM, VRAM, … ?

-Update button visible
-I can click the button. Error Message after clicking reads “Oh No! Looks like your internet is very slow or disconnected. please close launcher try again. If you are on wifi, please get closer to the router or try restarting it”
-Womans Back

-My laptop can be found on this amazon link discription

Thanks for the reply.
Your PC specs are enough, and you have the latest launcher version.

When you see the error message about slow internet connection, if you click OK and then restart the launcher, it should return to the loading from the place it was stopped.
We are very sorry you faced this problem. Our launcher works pretty fine when internet connection is good, but if it’s weak launcher sometimes fails to update properly after lots of internet connection losses.

Please make sure your internet connection is ok (and it’s better to use ethernet or be closer to the wifi router), and delete the archive file “OWWBuild…” if any in the game folder before your start the launcher.

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Also make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the launcher, rare but can happen - best to add an exception for the launcher in the windows firewall (look for advanced settings there)…

Good luck!

After Deleting the OWWBuild. I was able to update again. After the update it is now Working and fully functional Again.
Thank you

(I know how video game development is with several bugs. I worked previously for this title

Would Love giving feedback in future & keep posted

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Cheers mate and thank you!
Great to have gamedevs on board - any feedback, ideas or criticism is always welcome!

Feel free to bring friends along :wink: