Patch Notes: v1.777

Hello fellow creatives!,

Protobear here again with a new invention that will blow your minds! Because I’m tired of 1.666 and the innovation here at StikiPixels never stops! 1.777 is here with exciting things like a new revolutionary UI and assets!

Change log Alpha v1.777

New Features:

  • UI update. Inventory, Chat, Text asset editing window. More to come. Hooray!
  • Proper UI scaling for different resolutions. 4K monitors rejoice
  • Ability to set up a players spawn position in your gallery. Just put a reception desk and visitors will spawn next to it.
  • Save password checkbox on login screen. Your password will be saved in a secured and encrypted way.

New Content:

  • New awesome lasers assets. Pew pew.
  • Added enlarged copies of butterflies and some other small objects.
  • New wooden paranormal stairs. Google what these cost IRL. It will shock you!
  • Pack of plinths for statues and other stuff.
  • New set of Yellow bar assets.
  • Bunch of new small ceiling/floor lights.
  • New types of grass roads.
  • New set of builder hats.
  • New green cabinet.

Bug Fixes:

  • Sound settings now properly affect jukeboxes and projectors placed in gallery.
  • Improved paintings size calculation to be more accurate.
  • Fixed issues with keyboard remapping in options screen.
  • Fixed “Invert Y” settings not properly affecting free camera mode.
  • Fixed “Placed” banner on artworks in your inventory showing up in other peoples galleries.
  • Fixed artist info not showing the right data sometimes.
  • Fixed money being deducted when trying to expand below the ground level.
  • Limited input in chat, comments and text assets to a max symbols count.
  • Removed ability to input empty message into the text asset, resulting in asset disappearing.
  • Fixed scrolling in Inventory sometimes lead to cycling through actions bar items.
    Content Fixes:
  • Fixed cloud assets flickering
  • Fixed one of the grass floors didn’t have a price. no more freeloading
  • Fixed one of the clouds can’t be placed on a ceiling.
  • Fixed look of the blue art-deco column.

Launcher Update:

  • Fixed crashes when you have slow connection or no connection at all
  • Faster and more reliable downloading method
  • Space check to warn you if you don’t have enough space for an update
  • Auto resuming if download breaks in the middle
    Get the new launcher:

London, May 2018

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