Patch Notes v1.888

Hey there fellow creatives!,

I was playing “harder, better, faster, stronger” in the background at StikiPixels office last week - I didn’t think my fellow Pixels would take it literally. But here we are 8 days after 1.777 released ready to release 1.888. You know what I call that? Crazy. Because that’s exactly what it is… But what’s more crazy is all the bugs we’ve fixed with your help! Your feedback makes the game a lot better!

Change log Alpha v1.888

New Features:
Updated Settings window to the new UI design
Increased full chat size and updated the design of the chat
Updated Video tutorials window to the new UI design
Added NSFW and seizure warning screen - apparently ‘Artistic nudity’ is a thing…

New Content:
Will Alsop memorial Columns - in the loving memory of a revolutionary (and controversial) architect who inspired us -
New classic Cabinet of Curiosity - Gives you +10 INT
New cubic bar set
Cat mummy figure It’s all we really needed. - The game is now over! Let’s pack up the office!
New staircases

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issues with graphic settings not being saved and reset on next login. I might actually have cried a single tear when reading this one.
Fixed issue when all objects were displayed as Free for newly registered users. No free lunches…
Fixed wrong “back” and “close” buttons behaviour when you zoom in on painting in Discovery Interface
Fixed bug that made avatars get stuck inside of the reception desk - no more ‘captive audience’
Fixed bug that made music stop playing in the middle of the teleportation sequence.
Fixed case where overscrolling in Inventory would lead to cycling through action bar items
Fixed User interface scaling, which now supports any screen resolution that your monitor accepts.Praise be

Content Fixes:
Cabinets now allow players to place objects inside of them - as long as it fits inside the cabinet. Obviously.

London, May 2018