Planethippies bugcollection / account and ingame

Update: I’ve reinstalled the game with no positive effect.

State: 21.11.2018


  • after login, clicking the homebutton ported me to other players galleries (2 days ago and yesterday)

  • left money on desk over night, returning next day, the money was not on desk again

  • third day I don’t get money from visitors

  • sometimes clicking home after login, oww try to port me to planethippies without the :7xxx.

  • no full rights to my account, I can’t add new items, not move existing items
    (Note: I could change frames at existing paintings and move replace paintings)


  • the pointer when targeting items is not working precise, I have to target lights 1 finger under the item

  • if you place small items to near to corners of ceiling at the very edge, you can’t target them again, the ceiling and small item can only selected in one and you have to delete this bundle

  • DAISY has sometimes 1 unloaded suggestion spot, for me just 1, but I heard from people it could be more

  • sometimes when removing existing walls or ceilings, you can’t put them back in the old position, this bug seems to be affected by the floor, remove & replace the floorpiece fixes the problem, but not always, then you have to recreate complete areas around the affecting item

  • when deleting floor, items on it like lights & furniture is not refunded with money, they just get lost

Thank you for you bug reports!

Some of them are being fixed now, couple of others will be fixed when we fully sort issues with servers overload.

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Ty for reply… I really hope I’m able to play again this weekend… Ther’s not really much games I really like but I felt in love woth oww after seconds. For sure I know ya’ll doing your best and account probles like mine are harder to fix than gamecore’d bugs.

4th day I can’t play… Am I patient eough? :wink:

Try now, we managed to log into it - sorry must have been a super strange bug :frowning:

I’ve logged in now twice. Same problems as before:

  1. I log in the game
  2. click home
  3. oww teleport me to my gallery


a) No money on desk from last openings

b) no new money from visiters (bots and players)

c) when opening my gallery, bots don’t go to paintings correctly, stand around, watching empty walls

d) bots slide over the floor and there is cutscenes like in movies

e) when placing a new item, the money is substracted, the item not visibly placed, when I press 3 (undo) the money is refunded

f) can’t move existing items, oww say ther is not enough space for the action

At this point for information: I log in every day several times and open my gallery. I don’t know how long you log/store opening galleries info, but I hope long, because in this week I lost maybe 200.000 money per day based on 5-10 openings per day. That would be around 1.400.000 money I’ve lost (rough calculation, could be less, could be more).

One week I’m out of game now… I miss it!

Hello, have you tried OWW since Alpha? Lots of new things and bug fixes and refund on delete added :slight_smile:

Also feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement.