Presentation: Hi all!

Hi everyone, my name is Antonio (p1x3l in game). I discovered you yesterday through an announcement on the Facebook wall.
I am an architect by profession, but for some years now I am immersed in the art world.
I want to congratulate you on the idea, if well structured it will surely be a winning thing!


Hi Antonio! There was no one ever more suited for OWW than an architect interested in art… good luck and keep us posted :raised_hands::grinning:

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HI! My name is Mara, and I only just installed and am learning the ropes right now, on 3/18/18. Not bad for Palm Sunday in this particularly auspicious year.

The Facebook algorhythm offered this game app to me, and I jumped at the chance- as I’m building a brand across multiple websites and it appeals to me the idea of having a video opening that I designed myself.