Stuck in Tutorial :D - SOLVED

During the tutorial I got to the hang painting part. I had two paintings purchased and in my inventory to place but couldn’t seem to accomplish that so logged off.

When logging in later the paintings that I had purchased were no longer in inventory but building materials were. ---- then I purchased three more paintings and they didn’t appear in inventory at all.

When I tried to place a wall from inventory it just disappears from inventory (cost per use I assume) but doesn’t place. :D. Not sure how much I missed in the tutorial.

I would like to continue but not seeing how. Hints? Thanks.

ALSO I tried to send this from the Feedback pane ingame but the send button did nothing :smiley:

Hello there,
And sorry to hear about your issues, it usually works well.

What we can suggest is to create a new account and try to breeze through the tutorial, please make sure your internet connection is stable, if it’s on wifi for example and it disconnects half way though it can cause these issues although they are rare.

Good luck and see you on the other side!

Wanted to let you know that I got the original avatar to work. I watched the tutorial which helped some :smiley: The issue that I was having I think was that the screen notes weren’t appearing – hence extra confusion. I managed to get walls and a painting :smiley: So a start. Thanks.

A bit more input now that I made it to Level 30.

Turns out that the reason I couldn’t hang the painting is that I was too close to the wall. That wasn’t clear in the tutorial so something to think about.

Also several others (this from inworld chat) also “thought” they were done with the tutorial – hence looking for how to delete, move etc when that was not yet available. For ME when the tutorial said “now you can open your gallery” I thought I was finished. So maybe a hint there in the tutorial like “there are a few more things to learn, but let’s see what happens when you open the gallery to the public”.

It seems like folks do OK once they get into the tools, but looking for the “X” to delete when it isn’t available (and shown on some videos) makes it pretty confusing.

Had a really great time and enjoyed making my very minimalist but large modern gallery. Long time artist and building designer so this was a prefect fit for me. Will return in the future. Meanwhile I am going to go add a butterfly to my build so folks know I really DID finish even though I mostly used Level 1 - 4 in my building LOL.

Wishing you great success – chic aeon

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Thank you Chic,
We updated the tutorial following yours (and others) feedback - also made the notifications bigger :slight_smile:

A new update just released so feel free to have a go…

See you on the other side!

Thanks. I did yesterday and I read all the release notes too. Hopefully others will be less confused than “I” now :smiley:

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We made lots of new improvements to the tutorial since this post, feel free to test it out!
Also feel free to check out our Kickstarter and also our Steam page for updates we have done and plan to implement.