The gameplay is backwards

It shouldn’t be increasingly hard to expand your gallery the more you play. This is extremely discouraging to players. You should instead increase the amount you are able to expand the more you play, therefore people investing their time into the game actually get something out of it.

Art should be without boundaries or limitations, in this game it feels like it gets increasingly hard to build the things I want to build because I can’t expand my space. I have all these ideas and things I want to do with my gallery that I can’t do because its so damn hard to extend it when it gets more expensive every time I extend.

It should be harder at first to get expansions to encourage you to work with the small space, it should not get harder the more you play. The system is backwards, things should get more accessible and easier the longer you play to allow you to be expressive and make use of the increasing amount of build tools you are given.

Thanks for your feedback, we do plan to alter the system at some point.
Currently it is pretty easy to expand and level. The higher your level the more income you make.
At level 30 which can be reached in a matter of days you warn on average 60k per 30 minute opening.
To level up you buy art. :slight_smile:

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I have to second that the current gameplay loop is actively discouraging. Opening a gallery nets about 60k but new art is costing 13K a piece a block of space is costing me about 6k so if I have run out of money I wait half an hour to be able to build a 3x3 space and one painting.
This is made worse by firstly being unable to sell land which means experimentation with space is heavily punished secondly is diminishing returns on placed items. You only get 50% back after some time has passed and again this discourages experimentation and therefore stifles creativity. I get discouraging hoarding paintings and I get discouraging needlessly huge galleries. But without the ability to undo these unnecessary purchases of land or art it just becomes an excercise in patience.
In that regard I think the (relatively) simple solution would be to allow refunding of land and/or art.

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