The secrets of DAISY

Hi guys!
I’m an AI researcher and the concept of the DAISY immediately caught my interest (it was actually the main reason why I’ve downloaded the game, haha). I’ve been trying to understand the details of the methods it is using for the recommendations, but I think I’m missing out on a lot of stuff.
Do you plan to release a publication detailing the algorithm?

Hello, thanks for reaching out.
We likley won’t be releasing daisy’s secrets but I can tell you that daisy learns your taste over time based in what you buy, look at and zoom in on.
Our second ai maisy finds similar art based on style, Color, and many features. Objects found in artworks.
Obviously a lot more go into the AI’s but this is high level detail :slight_smile:

That’s a shame :confused: From what I’ve seen it goes well beyond the typical collaborative/content filtering that systems like that usually use, and the field of recommender systems could gain a lot from your insight.