Trailer Competition

Hello everyone
We’re doing a competition! Yes, again!

You make a short video clip (no longer than 6 seconds) showing off what you think is ‘The most exciting bits of OWW’. Imagine you have only 6 seconds (or less) to tell a friend about OWW and get her excited to try it. It can be anything, a part of your gallery, maybe you and some players doing -something- We’re asking you to come up with the ideas here.

Context is key, we’re making a new trailer (well, it’s not a trailer. More like exciting shots) and we’d love to involve the community in it. Because I if you haven’t noticed, we love you guys. Every bug test, every piece of feedback you give. It means something to us.

Submissions end the 23rd of May. 7 days from when this was posted.

What’s in it for me?
A prize we’re currently keeping a surprise


  • You build/find/recreate/act/whatever you want to show off.
  • record it in 1080p.
  • Then you send it in to (that’s my email address) together with your ingame name + forum name.
  • ???
  • Profit


  • Only film things you built yourself or you have permission from the original builder to film
  • If there is text on the wall. Don’t make it too obscene
  • Multiple entries are allowed - please name them sequentially (Bear 1, Bear 2, etc)
  • Please include a short text noting the gallery names where you filmed

Pro Tips from Proto

  • Use OBS or Nvidia Shadowplay (GeForce Experience) to record your footage
  • Press F8 in-game to use the cinematic camera. (Protobear is not responsible for any accidents, collisions, or nausea that might happen why you are flying like a bird in OWW) more information can be found here:

Ending: we can’t wait to see what you create - we know you’ll surprise us!