Unable to login

Ever since I downloaded the most recent update to OWW, I have been unable to get past the login screen to OWW. The textboxes, links, and buttons on the screen are unresponsive, except for the “Exit” link. I tried uninstalling the game in Windows and reinstalling from Steam, but after doing so, the screen behaved (or misbehaved) exactly as before. Has my account data on the OWW server been corrupted somehow? My account is “riversidegallery”.

Hello. Cam you login to kultura.art? If so your account is fine.

Do you get aby errors?
Cam you update your gpu drivers and os updates?
If the screen is jist u responive it sounds like a gpu driver issue.

Hi, Sam. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m still stuck, I’m afraid. I’m running Windows 11 with the most recent update installed as of July 13, 2022. I have two graphics cards on my PC, an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. I’ve updated the drivers for both graphics cards to the current versions. I’ve also set Windows to use the NVIDIA card when running the Steam application, which I understand to be the physical app that OWW runs in (Windows was defaulting to the Intel card before). I also checked my login to kultura.art, and that works fine, so there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my account.

The problem I’m having is not that the login screen is unresponsive, nor am I getting any errors using it. It’s that the visual controls on the screen don’t react to the correct mouse clicks. For example, when the login screen comes up with my username and password prefilled, if I click in the username textbox, the cursor moves to the password textbox. If I click in the password textbox, the checkmark for “Save password?” gets set or unset. Clicking on the Log In button does nothing. I don’t have this issue with any other app on my PC.

After some experimentation, I was able to get past the login screen by clicking in the username textbox and then hitting Enter after the cursor moved to the Password textbox, thus bypassing the Log In button. On the next screen, which shows the galleries I have access to, I was able to click on the images of the three galleries I own in the “riversidegallery” account and bring up a window for each gallery with a “TELEPORT” button in it. Unfortunately, the TELEPORT button was unresponsive. So I still can’t get anywhere in the game.

This doesn’t sound like a driver issue to me. As far as I can tell, the behavior of images on the screen is accurate: if I click on an image, like the pictures of owned galleries mentioned above, then the screen responds correctly. If I press a button, it doesn’t respond, and if I click in a textbox, some other control on the screen is activated. Like I said, I haven’t seen this issue anywhere else on my PC, so it seems to be an OWW defect of some sort. Could you please pass this along to the development team?

By the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that I’m a huge fan of your work. Your sense of color and composition is masterful, and your images make a direct and powerful emotional connection to the viewer. (And regardless of how it may appear, I’m not just saying this because I need technical support.)

Thanks for your help!

Robert Lawrence Cohen (a.k.a. riversidegalley)

Hello, thank you, we have not had any other reports of this. Ease check your resolution and also your zoom percentage for the monitor.

If you click around the button does it clock the button? It sounds like your mouse clicks are off target, potentially due to a resolution issue.

Yes, this turned out to be a resolution problem, as you suspected. In my OWW Settings, the resolution was set to 1920 x 1009 instead of 1920 x 1080. Once I fixed that, the buttons responded normally. I had noticed right before reading your last suggestion that if I clicked about an inch above a button, it responded. The mistaken resolution setting certainly explains that behavior.

Thanks for your help! I’ll celebrate my reentry to OWW by finding another work of yours to hang up.


Great, glad it works for you now.

Thanks for your compliments also. :slight_smile: