Various problem on launching

hi, i really want to play this awsome game,so i downloaded the vp launcher but on first try the download went to 99% and then stopped,(vp launcher stopped working message) i disinstalled the launcher, new download, and now it cant even start the download cause “i have no internet”, but that s not the case.
if someone can help me, i have plenty of memory and all the min. requirments are met
version of the launcher is 1.000
thank you very much for the support


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I’m having the same exact problem - I’ll let you know if I find anything!

Thank you very much indeed!

Please uninstall the launcher (through the control panel - windows add/remove programs) then reinstall to a different location (preferably not drive C: if you have more than one).

If the launcher downloads the update than crashes at 100% please go into the launcher folder, find a file with a .7z extension and delete it - that should do the trick.

Thanks for the patience, this is Alpha…

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Thanks Prime679 it worked :smiley:

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Thank you very much it works now :v:

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