What is the point of money?

What is the point of having currency in a game dedicated to art? Isn’t the point to unleash the user’s creativity? If so why leash it? I would enjoy seeing the spaces that people manage to create without restrictions, as well as enjoy being able to build and change my own space to my hearts content. It’s bad enough that IRL art and commerce have become intertwined, it seems pointless to continue that relationship into the virtual world where resources are infinite. So what was the thinking behind introducing money?

Well that’s a great question…

We have money so there are some resources for the player to manage; should you expand your galelry? Add more art? Buy a new avatar? Decisions decisions… :slight_smile:

Oevr time your gallery will earn more money (form visitors) even when you are offline. Many players manage to build pretty elaborate and big galleries (so big they break the game… :slight_smile: - so my advice is ‘Patience, young Jedi…’

When I run out of money I go visit other people’s galleries, it’s fun and inspiring. Good luck!


This rationale makes sense to me, it adds a certain amount of weight and thoughtfulness to both the gallery and the pieces in it. It’s also a nice incentive to come back over a period of time and slowly build up. An infinity of anything can rob it of its meaning so some restrictions are certainly alright by me.

The only frustration I have is that only half of an asset’s cost is returned if it’s deleted. I’m the type of person that lays a bunch of things out, takes a bit away, tries something else, moves it around a bit… You get the idea. It’s a bit of a bummer that the game is quite punishing when it comes to that kind of experimentation.

I wonder if there’s a compromise to be found so that we could have the best of both worlds. Perhaps a “grace period” that refunds the full price of an asset if it’s deleted within a few minutes of being placed? That would make me feel a lot more at ease when I’m trying out new ideas.

PS, this is my first post on the forum so I just want to add that I adore this game so far and can’t wait to see how it comes together. Keep up the good work!


Aye, give the galleries a preview mode where you get things the way you want and then “commit” to it. Instead of placing things one block at a time.

I feel like there’s potential for more here though than just having money as a time sink. They’re talking about allowing users to submit their own art eventually. The potential here is pretty big, considering that we’re coming to a point where VR space and “real space” are becoming inseparable. Players could sell their art to galleries, trade art with one another, or even sell exclusive rights to display a piece of art. I’m thinking way too optimistic, but there’s a least a chance that this could be a next-gen tool for sharing art. Deviantart-VR if you will.

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I can see the point now, I definitely take more care with my building since I can only do a few squares a day

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It’s a great way to pace things and incentive to visit other players. If I’m low on funds. I hit T, Random and see where that takes me. I’ll help open galleries, while exploring new galleries. I kind of wish I had my own Tartis to random travel in.

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Hey, you get 100% refund within thr first 3 minutes of placing an item btw.