Will the crashes ever been fixed or reduced?


after reinstalling the game (beeing out for almost a year) I unfortunatly just had to realize, that the crashes are still as persistent as before.

I actually abandonned the game because there were like 3-5 minutes loading and crashing time on 1 minutes of gaming. Nothing I’d consider doing for long - no matter how awesome the game is.

Since the main issue doesn’t seem to have changed, my educated guess: The game just got bloated and bloated without considering the engines real scalability. But whatever… Is there anything one can do to help?

I really love the game…
So are there any real chance that (lets call it “overrun”-) crashes will be fixed? TBH: I’ve been playing and watching this game too long, to consider this a single-user problem. Unfortunatly for what I see is, that every approach of this kind of error, is pointed to “hardware”, “internet” or other stuff, that in the end often turns out as “totally average or better as demanded”.

Might your servers be the real issue? :confused:
Totally no pun intended…
Best regards.

Hello, this is unusual, 99% of crashes have been fixed. What crash do you get? What is your GPU? Are your windows drivers and GPU drivers up to date? Outdated drivers will cause crashes in the Engine, but there are/should be no crashes in game currently.

Maybe you can try accessing via geforcenow for free www.oww.io/geforcenow and see if you get the same crashes, if not then its something to do with your machine.

We have no other reports of crashes since the last update.

Well ofc it has to do with my mashine… no need to doublecheck.

Question to solve: Where does the game having it’s issues with my (and many other) mashine(s), while everything else runs fine?

We dont know what crash you get and cannot help if we dont know specifics,
We have no other reports of any crashes by any other players in some time, so we cannot pin point it to any particular issue.
some major crashes we fixed in the last 6 months

  • out of memory crash
  • teleport crash
  • lots of other crashes

As I said we have no other reports of crashes, if we dont know about them, we cannot fix them, the likely hood that the crash is to do with the server and only affecting your machine is slim to none.

screatch scratch
Hm. Others are fine now? I might dig into that a bit more later.

Is there a debug mode where I could start my search?
Any known tweakings?
Anything else to pinpoint the issue?


Hard to help when i dont know what crash you get.

Hello, we updated, is this still an issue?