⚡ OWW 1.333r - update, Change log

New: Speedy loading system, galleries now load x5 faster!!
New: Bomb-proof launcher, can survive internet connection issues (and resume downloads!) also, no longer phased by missing Directx or VC files.
New: Video tutorials - we too, hate reading text tutorials
New: Updated tooltips, now you’ll know how to zoom in on artworks
New: Updated expansion grid system, looks cooler and more futuristic - also less annoying, should only appear when you are very very very close to it.
New: Edit chat and comments while writing them - no need to regret something a second after
you typed it!

New: Cave Set
New: The “total Classic white wall” set
New: The “total Classic white staircase & Balustrades” set
New: Avatar “Completely Normal Person”
New: Avatar “Doll”
New: Volume Effect ‘Rain of light’
New: Volume Effect ‘Deep water cube’
Fixed: Animations and postures
Newish : Complete Baroque wallpaper set
Newish : Complete Art Deco wallpaper set
New: Smaller sizes for some floors.
New: Floors of the old kind
Newness in general.
Various Fixes.

Have fun!